Top-Rated Proactive Advanced Threat Detection

integrazione di un sandbox nella propria infrastruttura
Available in:
  • Appliance
  • Virtual Machine
  • Cloud
Mapping del panorama del ransomware

Mapping del panorama del ransomware

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Fortinet Advanced Threat Protection Demo & Solution Overview

Fortinet Advanced Threat Protection Demo & Solution Overview

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With the increasing volume and sophistication of cyber-attacks, it takes only one threat to slip through security for a data breach to occur. CISOs have adopted sandboxing as an essential component of their security strategies to help combat previously unknown threats.

While attack surfaces are becoming more dynamic due to the rise of IoT and cloud-based services, a continuing shortage of cyber security talent is driving organizations to integrate sandboxing with greater controls and a high degree of automation. 

Fortinet’s sandbox achieves this by integrating with Fortinet and non-Fortinet security products via the Fortinet Security Fabric to automate the disruption of zero-day threats.

Fortinet Security Fabric

FortiSandbox includes:

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Critical protection against advanced and emerging threats

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Broad integration with Fortinet and third-party security solutions to help protect an organization's dynamic attack surface

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Automated sharing of threat intelligence in real time to disrupt attacks early in the cycle without human intervention

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Flexible form factors to help support various industry requirements



FortiSandbox (Appliance and VM)

Proactive threat detection hosted on the campus or in the data center.

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FortiSandbox Cloud

FortiCloud Sandbox

Proactive threat detection hosted in the cloud as a service.

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