Threat Landscape Report Q2 2017

Learn about the threats and trends IT security professionals, from CISO to Security Operations, should be most prepared to address. The intelligence experts at FortiGuard Labs analyze data from billions of events and incidents observed in live production environments around the world. Highlights of this quarter’s report include details on risky applications, exploit and ransomworm activity, and popular days of the week for attack, based on data collected between aprile 1 and giugno 30.

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Threat Landscape Report Interview

Tony Giandomenico, Senior Security Strategist/Researcher from FortiGuard Labs, outlines some key highlights and takeaways from Fortinet’s Q2 Global Threat Landscape Report in this Video Q&A that security leaders need to heed. Those that adhere to consistent cyber hygiene are more successful in combating emerging and legacy threats such as risky apps, ransomworms, and automated cyberattacks.

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Infographic: Q2 2017 Threats

Get the facts. This infographic breaks down the trends and key stats from our current quarterly report findings. From risky apps on the rise, to elderly vulnerabilities still kicking, to which days have heaviest threat traffic and how to practice good cyber hygiene, it’s all there.

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Webinar: Three Revelations of the Q2 Threat Landscape Report

Join Fortinet’s FortiGuard Labs Security Strategist, Douglas Santos on Wednesday, settembre 13th as he guides us through the most relevant security threats and trends uncovered in our quarterly report as well as what security leaders should be prepared to address and recommendations on where to shift security efforts to ensure broad and automated protection across the entire attack surface.  

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Weekly Intelligence Briefs from FortiGuard Labs

To keep an eye on the threat landscape between these quarterly reports, sign up for our free threat intelligence briefs. Each week, FortiGuard Labs summarizes the latest:

  • Application vulnerabilities
  • Malware/botnet activity
  • Malicious web attacks

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